Policies and Responsibilities of Patients

Arrival Time For Appointments
Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to avoid being late due to unforeseen road and construction traffic delays. Thank you.

Cancelling or Resheduling Appointments 
We ask that you call as soon as possible or 24 hours before your child’s appointment time to cancel or reschedule.
We understand emergencies arise but every effort on your part to let us know in advance allows other patients to benefit from your cancellation. We make every effort on our part to keep to our appointment times unless emergencies or unforeseen circumstances arise in our patient care.

Calling less than 30 minutes before or your scheduled time will be counted as a “No Show” and not a cancellation. 
We reserve the right to not schedule your child for any future appointments in our practice if there is a pattern of “No Shows” and late cancellations.

Sibling “add on” requests are seen as separate appointments 
and may be booked per the discretion of the office staff and clinical team.

Insurance co-payments are due at the time of check-in.
Private Pay patients are required to make payment at the time of the appointment.

We reserve the right to send past due delinquent accounts to collections after advance notification unless a payment plan is arranged with the Billing Managers. Professional services may be held per discretion of our office.

Medication Refills
It is the patient’s responsibility to call or have the selected pharmacy generate a refill request prior to running out of medication that is taken on a regular basis. Prior to calling, please verify your selected pharmacy name, number and location. We do not generally authorize automatic refills of antibiotics nor pain medications. Follow up appointments for certain medications may be necessary on an interval basis. We understand that urgent issues may arise but we may not guarantee same day requests for refills or medication changes if doing so requires in depth review of the patient’s medication records without an appointment. Our immediate priority is to the patients in our exam and waiting rooms though we do try our best to address all the needs of the patients in our practice.

Completion of Forms
It is the patient’s responsibility to know the deadline dates for school forms and other forms requested by employers or other programs. We cannot guarantee expedient return of forms that are dropped off at the front desk or given at the time of the appointment if completion of the forms require extended attention and time.
We will not complete forms for any patients we have not previously seen in the office nor if there has been an extended period of time since the last visit in the office depending on the type of form requested.  Sports clearance forms cannot be completed based only on a recent illness appointment.