Newborn Services

Prior to your delivery you may schedule a Prenatal Meet and Greet with the doctor you plan on choosing for your baby. Please call our office at 425-656-5300 to book an appointment. You may also want to verify your insurance at that time.

If you are planning to birth your baby at Valley Medical Center, please inform the Birth Center to notify your pediatrician once your baby is born. One of our doctors will come to see your baby within 24 hours of delivery. A hospital based neonatology group is available for emergencies.

If you are delivering at a different hospital, we look forward to seeing you shortly after you go home. Please arrange for copies of your baby’s newborn records to be faxed to our office or you may bring them when you come in for your first appointment. This is scheduled usually within 2 days after you leave the hospital. 

You may complete patient registration forms in advance.
New Patient Forms
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