​​Immunizations are an integral part of your child’s health.
We follow the current guidelines by the AAP and the CDC.

We provide vaccines during routine well visits and in most cases, for your convenience, can administer vaccines during other appointments as well. It is important to be well informed regarding the vaccines and the diseases that they prevent.

Please refer to these links for more information.

Current vaccine schedule of newborn to age 6

For older children and teens

Keep a record
It is also important for you to keep a personal record of your child’s vaccinations so you can readily
provide this information for school or daycare purposes. All vaccines performed in our office are recorded in our Washington State Immunization Information System

Learn how to access records

If you are new to our practice or moved from another area, it is crucial that you provide us with proof of vaccines done at other medical offices. We ask that you complete a form requesting and giving permission for

Authorization to Release Medical Information from your previous provider in advance of your appointment or bring a complete official copy of vaccine records with you.
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