Educational Information

There is so much out there with social media and people giving you opinions and advice on your children and parenting. Most people today find themselves “looking things up”.  It is hard at times to figure what sources are reputable and can be trusted. Here are links to various organizations and resources to help you in parenting your children in a healthy and thriving manner. You will also find resources providing information regarding different medical conditions you may have discussed with your doctor and other concerns you may have. This is of course only a small sample of what is available to you on the internet. The hospital links are good resources for different classes, illnesses, and child safety info. These tabs may change from time to time. 

Link to

American Academy of Pediatrics
Car Safety
Choose My Plate (Nutrition)
AAP Healthy Children
Crying Infants / "Colic"
Crying – "Happiest Baby"
Developmental Milestones
ADHD Social Thinking
Autism First Signs
Developmental Washington State Project
Autism Speaks
Developmental Tools
Breastfeeding DHHS
Kids Health/Teen Health
Mary Bridge Children's Hospital
Breastfeeding Within Reach
Seattle Children's Hospital
Breastfeeding Videos
Travel Vaccines